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A small piece of land compared to other Indian states, Goa still packs a knockout punch when it comes to being the best tourist destination in the country. A rich heritage, friendly people, a pleasant climate, scenic beaches, opulent mansions and exotic handicraft; Goa is surely a once in a lifetime experience for visiting tourists.


Did you know?

Goa has around 7078 bars licensed to serve alcohol. Adding in the unlicensed ones would take the number much higher! You may even hear some old stories of passengers disembarking the Bombay-Goa ship at the Captain of Ports jetty in Panjim and heading straight to the nearest pub all in good spirit (no pun intended!).

Goa has something to offer even to its religious travelers. The Mangeshi temple is the largest temple in Goa and is the home of Lord Mangesh the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Goa is also the home to Saint Francis Xavier’s preservers, this is located in the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church. This Church is the iconic symbol of Old Goa which shows a glimpse of Portuguese traditions and is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Se Cathedral in Old Goa is Asia’s largest church! Stretching 250 feet in length and 181 feet in breadth, the 16th century cathedral houses eight chapels within its confines, with the final edifice larger than any church in Portugal itself.

Goa is known as the ‘land of sun and sand’ and has over 40 beaches! Enjoy their warm sand and crystal clear waters, go on an adventurous water sport experience or even dine at one of the local beach shacks while on a holiday here.

The cuisine of Goa is rich with a variety of flavours ranging from the taste of kokum to cashew paste and not to mention the fresh catch of the day when it comes to sea food. Goa’s fish curry rice has gained immense popularity all over India and to an extent even in foreign countries!

Goa Grapevine is your one stop destination for all that you need to know about Goa. This blog tells all, from budget eateries to fine dine experiences; find out where you can stay in Goa when on a holiday and what all you can do in this beautiful state of sun and sand. Get a glimpse into the best shopping spots of Goa starting from the fancy stores to the chic boutiques throughout Goa. Goa Grapevine also tells you in detail about the best party spots in town and when you should hit them up!

This blog is a guide for all your needs, be it a cost efficient trip to Goa or one where you intend to splurge, we have the answers to all your needs.

We help you go beyond beaches and your typical everyday site-seeing guide to this beautiful state and help you explore every nook and corner that is worth seeing here.

An assured guide to a wonderfully unforgettable experience in Goa is what Goa Grapevine offers to its dedicated readers!

Every one has a favorite Goan dish, but do you really know the authentic Goan cuisine?


Happy reading,

GiGi Martin

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