A Slice Of Seventh Heaven in Vagator

“Sittin’ in the the morning sun, I’ll be sittin’ when the evening comes, watching the ships roll in. Then I watch them roll away again” and there is no other spot better in Goa than at 7, The Cliff Bar at Shalai, to bring these words of Otis Redding to life.

Tucked away at the far end of the beach is 7, a bar and casual dining space on the top-most level of the only stand-alone resort in Vagator. Shalai, meaning “fullness of joy, a moment of genuine well-being,” opened its doors to the public at the beginning of this year.

The sun starts its descent by 6ish, and there is no better place in Vagator to experience the breathtaking views and sunset over the bay and beyond. 7 is fast becoming the place to see and be seen, especially at the sun-downer parties over the weekend. The 120 cover restaurant spread over 4000 square feet has a rustic but plush feel, relaxed yet fun atmosphere making it one of the best pre-game places in Goa. The interiors are by Bombay based designer Vishali. who has also opened her own boutique clothing store, Wishing Tree, situated on the restaurant level, so if you have just wandered in off the beach there is always something for you to pick up for the evening.


7 features a casual but elegant whet plate and dining menu designed by international chefs such as Beef Cigars, succulent Pork Skewers, Golden Lepo (a small local fish cooked in tempura batter), Coconut Shrimp with Jalapeno Aioli, Lemon Grass Chicken, Grilled Lamb and Figs, Polenta, Wood-fired pizza, burgers and much more.  The bar equally has a lot to offer for those special sun downers from their specially designed shots menu to simply delicious cocktails such as watermelon martinis. “Our aim was to create an environment where anyone is welcome to come and relax and enjoy the stunning view that 7 has to offer alongside good casual dining” says Shashank Kadam, partner.


The partners behind the brand Raul Asani, Shashank Kadam and Anupam Mayekar started their love affair with Goa many moons ago. Rahul Asani, while making a successful comeback into his passion of playing music as a Dj, is an entrepreneur & venture capitalist who decided to make Goa his home after having traveled extensively around the world.

Shashank Kadam, who toes and froes between Bombay and Goa belongs to a family of 4 generations of hotelier and restaurateurs. Currently they own the beautiful multi cuisine seafront Corniche, in Bandra. Mumbai and properties in Lonavala.

Anupam Mayekar, the veteran of the team, has been in the hospitality industry for 40 years. Anupam started with humble beginnings in this business with an Udupi restaurant called Darya Vihar, in Mumbai and then grew quickly to own such brands as London Pub (with the London Pilsner Company), Copa Cabana from 97 to 2004 and is a founding partner for Olive Beach in Bandra. “It has taken me 12 years to find a place in Goa that I loved so much that I had to finally set up here, I have been in fascinated with this state forever and something kept pulling me in this direction


From seventh heaven to the best hole in the wall places in Goa… the journey continues.6aa0fa6842f46c93bbc00cc636de85fc

Happy Reading,

Gigi Martin

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