New York style pizza is a large hand-tossed thin-crust pizza, often sold in a wide range of slices to go. This style originated in New York City in the early 1900s, and today refers to the style of pizza eaten in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. So when one heard that in a quiet lane not far from Miramar Circle and nestled among a bevy of colleges, a new pizzeria had opened its doors, promising bigger and better pizzas and not just by the slice one had to go and check it out.

PIZZA MIA’ offers thin crust pizzas in a charming indoor and outdoor café setting, designed with an Italian-American theme.  There is also a cozy bar with black and white pictures of the by gone New York era and the “Brat Pack” offering a wide range of wine, beer and signature cocktails.


This little pizzeria has its own unique gourmet heritage, with secret ingredients and European recipes that have been tried and tested through the years by their chef Dayini Ferau.  One finds out that she was born and raised in the quaint little village of Auroville in Tamil Nadu and grew up on a mixture of Indian and simple home cooked European cuisine. With her love for Indian cuisine Dayini has also customized the pizza’s to suit the local market.


The menu includes a selection of usual flavours such as Pepperoni and Margherita, but the custom non-veg pizza include Goan Sausage, nice and tangy, Bacon & Onion, now who doesn’t love Bacon and Chicken Tikka. While the vegetarian custom pizzas include the Garden and Mediterranean. Of course, customers can also select their own ingredients to make a pizza the way they want it. If one likes two flavours Pizza Mia is happy to give you both in the same size, half of one and half of another which no other pizzeria does in Goa.

Jassin Chattaram, one of the partners in Pizza Mia, who is in the property management businessman and originally from New York City; likes to told us, “At Pizza Mia, there’s no such thing as small.”  Boy was he right at Pizza Mia, the Regular size pizza which is 13”, which is bigger and less expensive than Domino’s largest pizza of 12.5”, while the large is 16” called the Godfather, to keep up with the Italian- American theme, and the 18” Jumbo are the other sizes available. In true New York City style, Pizza Mia also offers pizza by the slice for all those in a rush at lunch time especially if you want to grab something on the go and combo meals that will suite even the busiest executives. There are also delectable salads at Pizza Mia, such as the Caesar, Greek and Mia Salad of fresh mixed greens. One could not miss the Garlic Knots either, so beautifully tied and then baked. And to round off the Italian experience, Pizza Mia also has an offering a rotating selection of freshly made gourmet gelato.

Another of the partners, Sunder Aaron, former television and film executive originally from the U.S. now living in India for over 12 years who recently launched the popular quick service restaurant ‘Chicken Man’ in Panjim says, “Pizza Mia offers higher quality pizza than what’s currently available in Panjim, and also at a lower price than the competition.” And goes on to tell us that “Pizza Mia was launched to provide people in Goa with a better choice for delivery and dine in pizzas than other leading brands”


Free home delivery is also available from Pizza Mia and is a big part of their business model, plugging the gap in the underserved, commercial and residential areas in and around Panjim. The Pizza Mia founders says they prioritize quality service and plan to surprise their customers with the flavor, quality and level of food that is offered” said Mr. Cardoz, one of the leading developers in Goa, he also told us, “We’ve got a very simple menu on offer, because we want to be known for simply the best pizzas around!”  One also heard thought the grapevine that they are planning on launching a second Pizza Mia in Porvorim.

So what sets this little pizzeria apart is the that all the ingredients are purchased fresh every day.  They make their own tomato sauce from scratch and try and encourage the farm to table concept with local vendors. Whether you are popping in and out of Panjim for a busy meeting, or just want a quaint place to hang out for dinner or lunch this may be the best slice of New York in Goa.

Happy Reading!


Gigi Martin


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