Soaked spirit of Adventure

Goa in the rains is a serene and peaceful refuge for those seeking respite from the concrete jungles of the urban world. The best thing you can do is sit out on a veranda and watch the world pass by while the hours waft into wonderful, lazy, rain-soaked days. But, should you be an adventure junkie looking for some thrill in your life then here are the perfect 3 heart-pumping water activities to try out during your days in Goa.



One of the many and most common monsoon activities in Goa, is trekking. With nature brimming green and waterfalls gurgling to life, trekkers make the long walk through forests and other off-the-beaten trails. Amongst others like Dudhsagar and Chorla, Netravali is the most common track taken up by trekkers.

Netravali harbors 2 waterfalls, one called Mainapi and the other at Savari village. Once you enter the forest gate at the Netravali wildlife sanctuary, you have to park your vehicle at the start of a walking trail. The rest of the journey proceeds on foot. The waterfall is about an hour away.

I would recommend that one to take a guide from the village as the route can be quite confusing. Once there however, it is sheer bliss. Along the trek, prepare to spot exotic flora and fauna, tickled by fish that are out to give you a pedicure, crossing narrow rivulets, and to climb small little slippery rocks but most of all be prepared to enjoy the cool water and the journey. Remember to travel light, take a small picnic basket and plenty of water!



Who doesn’t love cycling in monsoon under the shadow of clouds, sprinkle of cool water and through the breeze of soil-scented winds. Everything changes during monsoon, but so do the roads and the behavior of our bikes. So do be careful with this sport!

Goa with its scenic landscape and its muddy terrain is the ideal host for off-road cycling. Various groups in Goa organize frequent cycling events, all over Goa, ranging from small rides for the start-ups like city trails from Panjim to Dona-Paula to long rides for adventure seekers to Chorla, Vagator, Anmod Ghats etc.



Are you looking to indulge yourself in a water sport activity that is more calming than thrilling? If yes, then Kayaking is what you are looking for! A kayak is a low-to-the-water, canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation. This wonderful water sport is more of a peaceful trip than any hard-hitting water adventure that could takes you deep into the ocean. You can enjoy Kayaking while exploring the beautiful Goan beaches where you can move freely using a paddle. Goa also has a wonderful natural ecosystem made of mangroves, mud-flats, backwaters, coves and mini bays just waiting to be explored. Bird lovers can get a glimpse of the Kingfisher, Egrets, Grey white and purple Herons, and if you are lucky the Great Indian Sea Eagle.

You can take a wonderful trip along the Mandovi River, Zuari and enjoy the view of the sky line of Goa. For the real adventure lovers the best time to go Kayaking is during July to October that is during the monsoons.

Yes, Goa in the monsoons has all the ingredients of a dreamy, misty, green vacation with peace and solitude in just the right measure.

So there you go, with a range of adventure sports taking place here, Goa can be a perfect destination for you much need adventure packed holiday during the monsoons! Hurry up and plan your next vacation to Goa and gather some of the best moments of your life spent with family and friends.

For those who are looking for something apart from adventure and more of the party scene stay tuned for my next blog which tells you all about the happenings in Goa during the monsoons.

Happy Reading,


Gigi Martin

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