Worried about how the monsoon is going to dampen your style from head-to-toe, from frizzy hair to finishing off your favourite shoes; then we have some guide lines to keep you fashion forward this season! Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing yourself for a monsoon wardrobe.

Before deciding on which outfit to wear, one must know about the type of fabrics and colours that are suitable for that season. The dullness of the monsoons can often bring one’s spirit down, the contestant rain and grayness of the sky is not always conducive to happy beings. In this season one may want to steer clear for pastel and shift over to a cheerful wardrobe, wear bold colour and have a fashion fiesta.  Designers say that bright shades of indigo, green and blue hold good for the monsoon. Various hues of the sea to dark shades of green will be the choice of this season. Moving onto fabrics, heavy jeans once wet take a long time to dry but however they are an all-time favourite event during downpours but it is best to stick to blended fabrics or cottons that dry quickly.  Avoid luxurious fabrics such as crepes and chiffon’s, they easily lose their sheen when wet.

So let’s begin with are your essentials that is your raincoats and umbrellas: Keep yourself dry and stylish by picking rain essentials that extend beyond their daily use. Go for a bright coloured umbrella that passes a bold statement or even one of those transparent cute ones, so you can look at the rain fall on you without getting wet! If you want to keep your hands free then why not opt for a classy trench coat in a bold colour. However, you can never go wrong with the all-time classic, the Burberry trench coat.

Swap your leather shoes for more reliable ones in plastic, Perspex and patent leather. While gum boots are essential footwear during monsoons, don’t let it cramp your style. Make sure that what you pick for the season is useful as well as fun! Crocks are always a good choice as they come in a variety of colours and styles.

With all the dirty mud puddles around and cars speeding by splashing water on walkers, I would suggest you opt out of long dresses, skirts or trousers instead try wearing pencil skirts, capris, knee length dresses or short ones too. If you are the sort who feels more comfortable in traditional wear then I’d recommend that Instead of long salwar-kameez, try short kurtis with dark leggings. Substituting your long dupattas with short cotton scarves may also be a good idea. When it comes to bags, opt for messenger bags in patent leather and bold hues!


With the excess moisture in the air it is normal for your hair to frizz up which looks very unflattering. So to always look spectacular with pretty hair that looks nice and neat, it’s best to opt for those hairstyles that you know in advance won’t be messed up by the weather.

An easy and classic option of hairstyles for rainy days is a high ponytail. With this hairstyle you can be confident and sure that your hair will not suffer from annoying frizz. High ponytails are always in fashion and are ideal for both casual looks as well as more formal ones.


Our second option that you might want to try is a low and lopsided ponytail, a new hairstyle trend that looks great, especially with your part to the side. To better fix this hairstyle, spray a little hairspray on top and your hair will be resistant to the effects of water and the humidity of rainy days. For a sophisticated and elegant look on a rainy days, nothing beats rocking the so-called donut bun. Even if your hair isn’t long enough for this hairstyle, you can easily use a hair tie or rubber band for the donut look, this is easy and you can have a full-looking bun. So don’t look like Monika Gelier this monsoon.

A lot of people ignore their skin’s needs. Make some easy homemade packs of honey and cucumber to renew and replenish your dry, dead and haggard skin.  It is good to go for a deep cleansing and moisturizing spa. Now some tips on make-up… The tip to remember is- go natural but embrace bright colors. Carry makeup products that are waterproof and oil-free. Monsoon is the time for experimenting with colors. The brighter, the better. Wear a blue eye liner or flaunt an orange lipstick with your black dress. L’Oreal offers the best range of waterproof foundations and mascaras.


And finally, every girls favourite bit; Jewellery! This monsoon, give in to your inner child by opting for plastic jewellery pieces and rubber watches in bright colours. Retail outlets are loaded with accessories in these blinding colors and so you won’t have difficulty spotting your favourite bag or belt.

Happy Reading,


Gigi Martin

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