Pokémon Go Goa!

Pokémon Go has taken over the world by storm and the game hasn’t even released in many parts of the world yet!  People from Goa too are keeping up with the poke trend. Though, it’s the 90s kids who are more familiar with the whole Pokémon era as it was aired on Cartoon network during that time, the Pokémon Go phenomena has managed to catch up with all the whole lot of teens till even an eye popping thirties !

Catch whom all?

So what is Pokémon Go? As the name suggests itself, Pokémon Go is based on the series Pokémon; the basic objective of the game is to catch them all (the Pokémon) and to train your Pokémon for battles. With Pokémon Go you will discover the most virtual form of the Pokemon adventure.  Pokémon GO is built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform and uses real locations to encourage players to search every nook and corner to discover Pokémons. Pokémon Go allows you to travel far and wide and catch more than a hundred species of Pokémon as you keep exploring. They are terrain based, so you can find a “Horsea” when you go to the beach or you can find a “sqirtle” as you explore through greenery etc!

Everywhere, somewhere a Pokémon; I Gotta Catch!

It was Kim Kardashian at first, followed by Taylor Swift but now it’s Pokémon Go, breaking the internet, Pokémon Go has managed to merge people from all backgrounds and ethnicity to unite to play this games.

poke in the park.png

Image: A crowd gathered in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee

Besides Snapchat, internet users have even taken to mish mash the Pokémon memes with other trending picks like Game of Thrones!

 2poke GOT.png

Pokemon Go is not just a ‘kid’s game’

On another day, I saw a woman in almost in almost her 30’s or so having a grand smiley time playing Pokémon Go at the supermarket but as soon as she saw me walking by, she retracted and she quickly shuffled her phone into her pocket and pretended to look for some juice in the fridge. *Riiight lady; You were playing Pokémon Go, You Caught something awesome! Just embrace it!*

Pokémon GOA!

Pokémon Go has officially given all the introverts a huge reason to step out of their house and go catch them all. Even in Goa, if you’re between the age group of 13-30 and you spot someone walking on the road fhooked onto their phone, yell out Pokémon Go and you might just get a “me too” yelled right back at you!

Pokémon Go in Goa has a strong presence, here is a picture of what Panjim bus stand looks like, bus commuters can just get off at the Panjim bus stand and find themselves surrounded by some really cool Pokémon!

Oh no! Run out of Poké balls? Just a minutes’ walk away lies the DayanandBandodkar garden and the statue of this great man that giveth you your Poké balls! Another famous place is the walk down the 18 June road where you will yourself walking through a lot of Pokémon and Pokéstops!

3 poke panjim.png

Image: Virtual image of the Panjim bus stand in the world of Pokemon Go!

Margao too doesn’t disappoint! Go for a stroll around the main municipal garden and you’ll find ample of pokestops!

4poke margao.png

Image: Near municipal garden in Margao

Everyone in Goa too is supper stocked about it! So much so that on the 23rd July, local event company Storbe Nightlife just organized a Pokémon themed party named “Catch Em All’ and even had a catchy hashtag #Dhortekka

If you are not into the nightlife and the partying scene then local Goans Rahul Rivoncar and Pranay Purohit have a treat for all you hardcore Pokémon fans! They are organizing an event called ‘The Pokemon Go-A Adventure” – a platform to make new friends this friendship day! You can have a look for details on their page.


On a personal level, if you have played this game you know it’s an incredibly deep role-playing game that teaches values beyond catching Pokémon and training them up to fight in battle. Catching Pokémon teaches patience and training and using items selectively teaches strategic planning and discipline. I’m so excited every time I open this game and I love knowing what my friends catch every day! If you are enjoying the game in public (because that’s the only way to enjoy and play it) who cares what others thinks? There are more important issues to worry about in life than whether everyone knows you adore Pikachu! Speaking about importance, know that you are important to the people who love you, be alert every time you play this game, watch the traffic, and don’t wander into unnecessary areas! And most importantly don’t drive and ride while you play Pokémon go. So good luck and we hope you catch Pikachu real soon!

5 poke drive safe.png

6 poke watsons.png

Image: here’s a sneak peak at what I found at Watson’s and I’m telling you why this place is a must go in my next blog post!

Happy Reading!


Gigi Martin

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