Koi Asian Dining

Koi, the Japanese name of the ornamental fish variety chosen to be displayed in ponds for their beauty, they are a common symbol in both Chinese culture and feng shui. This fish is often depicted on artwork, clothing, and quite often tattoos.  Koi is also the apt name of the trendiest restaurant along the tourist belt in Goa.  Located conveniently on the road between Calangute and Candolim, Koi is housed in a charming Portuguese-style villa behind Snip salon.


Despite the influence of the house, the décor of this place is chic with a very Asian feel to it.  The restaurant is rather lavish and has huge paintings on the walls large chandeliers, mood lighting with very expensive cutlery and crockery give the whole place a designer feel. A Buddha head dominates the Jade bar, giving this opulent bar with hues of greens and gold a warm touch.

One can notice the exciting diversity on the menu offered from the soups alone:  Laksa from Malaysia, Khowsuey from Burma, Vietnamese Pho, Japanese Miso and Oyakodon are some of my personal favourites. A large menu with small plates to please everyone includes items such as crispy duck rolls, prawn tempura, Thai beef Salad, Koi pork ribs just to mention a few. They have also recently introduced their new sushi & dim sum menu.  One’s mouth just waters reading it, a variety of Koi special rolls unique to them from FC Goa to Rainbow made with Tune, Salmon, Red Snapper, Shrimp, Avocado and Wasabi. Onto the classics sushi such as California and Spicy one is spoilt for choice. However one cannot leave out the Nigir and Sashimi whether it be salmon, tune or prawns. For those who like sharing there is the platters there some very interesting combinations to choose from.  The dim sum are well steamed and served with a ton of sauces.


The cocktails served at Koi draw their inspiration from Asian flavours but add a hint of modern twist to it. Another aspect worth highlighting is the Teppanyaki table (supposed to be the only one in Goa!). This interesting concept is used as an interactive theater for food. Here, the food is prepared right in front of the guest by the chef and each dish is adapted to each guest’s unique taste buds. There are set menu’s for the Teppan Table, but one must remember to book in advance, best to book the whole table for yourself and or friends.

mohammad omar-11

The service is surely brilliant here, the moment you walk in here you are made to feel very special. Served always with a smile the staff here is very friendly and helpful. Every Sunday they host live music evenings by a talented singer named Anika. I considered it to be a wonderful way to end the weekend by eating a delicious meal, sipping a delightful cocktails and humming to wonderful songs by this talented singer.

Happy Reading,


Gigi Martin

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