Whet your appetite with Kapriz

Tapas can mean a lot of thing in different countries around the world. Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. These can be served cold (such as olives or cheese) or hot. In the Mediterranean Tapas or Mezze (Greek name for Tapas) has evolved into an entire sophisticated cuisine. In many of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea people order a combination of tapas to make a full meal. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation, because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them.  Kapriz a simplistic, casual dining, rustic yet charming restaurant presents an array of culinary fusion Tapas to tickle your taste buds. Located on the Baga creak at the Royal Goan Beach Club Hotel with riverside views of the scenic Baga River.

Kapriz represents a unique and charismatic fusion of culinary cultures with Indian flair and a fresh approach to dining. The menu offers several dynamic ‘Whet Plates’ which is to whet your appetite, served tapas style. Though they are named “Whet Plates”, the portion size is more than expected with innovative plate presentation. The trend at Kapriz is set for patrons to share the various mezze like starters, such as the amuse bouche, Kenny’s special Texas Chicken Wings, a twist on the Spanish patata bravas – jungle potatoes and much more. Kapriz has brought back their popular Tuesday Tapas, where one can order a combination of tapas for a fixed rate per head. What’s more, the Chef at Kapriz has introduced Fusion Fridays creating a whole new menu where Goan flavours are presented mezze style. There are such dishes as chorizo Somosa, Shark attack – tangy shark cubes served with Ambotik mayo, Vindaloo satay – grilled chicken skewers with spicy peanut dipping sauce, Balchow & fig dip topped on cream cheese & served with crostini but to mentions a few.  Chef Kenneth adds “We often get asked for Goan dishes, what better way to introduce them to our guest than our fusion tapas style menu yet at the same time offering them Goan flavours.”

amuse bouche.JPG

The creative and innovative ‘Main Plate’ menu is also sure to enhance the dining experience with dishes from all around the Mediterranean belt. Kapriz has newly launched ‘Live Grill’. You can now order anything of the menu and watch it being cooked right there in the restaurant to order in the live kitchen. The Grill is set into the wall, with a blackboard detailing the specials or the catch of the day. One can have your fill of delicious barbequed chicken, volcano ribs, steaks, sautéed prawns and lots more. You can enjoy your scrumptious meal whilst listening to all your favourite songs from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with live music performance by Desmond Taylor, every Tuesday & Thursday. If you are lucky at the end of the night you may hear the Chef himself sing a song or two from the brat pack era, popularly known as the “Singing Chef” Chef Kenneth offers an amazing night to enthrall and satiety all palates.


Other than the lunch and dinner fare the breakfast at Kapriz are not be missed. They server an array of breakfasts to please everyone, from your Continental too Indian and one of the best traditional full English Breakfasts in Goa, comprising of Eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, jam & tea or coffee.  However, this is not what they are truly famous for, it’s the Eggs Benedict, comprising of two perfectly poached eggs, ham severed on a baguette topped with a “to die for” hollandaise sauce, accompanied with home fries & fruit.  For the vegetarian they can dish up the eggs on a bed of spinach instead of ham and by no means is this a poor brother to the ham, it is equally scrumptious.  However, as you are in Goa, then why not add a seafood twist to the Benedict’s by adding Shrimp, avocado salsa on a baguette and boy does it not fail to delight. Kapriz does a “Benny Card”, a loyalty card for those who want to can keep coming back for more Benedicts like I do.  For those who love their eggs, and can eat them in any form, there is a large verity to choose from, but as this is Kapriz, known as a fusion Tapas, they have also added on Frittata …Italian style omelet enriched with peppers, ground beef, potatoes & cheese, topped with tomato sauce. One could also talk about their crispy bacon & hash brown quesadillas, cooked crisp & served with fried egg & salsa.  So many variations that one is spoilt for choice.


Happy Reading,


Gigi Martin

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