Get into ‘A Reverie’ state of mind – food for thought…

Since its inception in 2000, A Reverie has changed the appearance of modern gastronomy in Goa, with stratospheric standards and an ever-evolving innovativeness. This one of a kind restaurant has continued to evolve with every season, nurtured by the love from Chef de cuisine Aakritee and Virendra’s passion for food & beverage and everything related to it.

This power couple designed a menu inspired by their journey around the world, but ensured that it kept in touch with their regional roots. Together with their combined arsenal of around half a century of food and beverage experience, Chef de cuisine Aakritee and Virendra have turned A Reverie into a nest for talented young chefs, sommeliers, and food and beverage enthusiasts.

But that’s not the end! A Reverie is opening a degustation menu that will build on its ‘Broadway play you can eat’ sensibilities. This is indeed just the beginning…

This is lavishly done restaurant is rather awe inspiring.  The whole venue is set in an amphitheatre style with various areas that cater to everyone sitting preferences.  Rather apt as it is the perfect setting for the food that is on offer.  From the minute you walk in to time you leave there is an element of performance in everything. A rather large mirrored statue looms over the bar keeping a watchful eye on all the diners.  The extremely well stocked bar spans the whole of the top section. A Reverie has even created special infused alcohol and their unique signature cocktails are really something else.  Then one moves down to the lounge area with boasts a more relaxed atmosphere. One just ease back into the big sofa and get enveloped by the menu and cocktails. Moving further down there are individual cabanas which give you an intimate and cosy setting within this vast restaurant.  One mustn’t miss the wine room they have with an extensive choice of both domestic and world wines, one would never leave the cellar if one didn’t have to. We were informed that this season they will be introducing the chef theatre.  This is where one gets to taste all what A Reverie has to offer with highly curated menu with multiple courses.


They start this season with an especially curated seven-day special menu in collaboration with American Food Fiesta 2016. Seven untold stories, unfolding over a course of seven days of ephemeral exuberant culinary journey filled with tales of mystery and delight. Chef de cuisine Aakritee Singh, the story teller, infuses and transforms humble ingredients to excite not only the pallet but the imagination. This new eclectic menu boldly challenges the diner on many levels, from a sensory perspective, posing questions that extend far beyond the traditional culinary spectrum. Each story is an enigma exclusive to A Reverie but once told, it will never be forgotten.


We had the opportunity to go for this rather lavish event of “Seven Untold Stories” at A Reveries and were really bowled over by what was on offer. This creative menu plays with aroma, texture and flavour while designed to be provocative, tells a story or evoke an emotion.  To name a few of these though provoking dishes, A Mackerel in the garden – hay smoke cured mackerel, black olive soil, maple mustard dressing, cider pickled vegetables, micro green lawn, leaves & flowers, to Couch Potatoes & Magic Mushrooms‘faux’ risotto ~  truffle & smoked parmesan sauce, ‘true’ risotto, wild mushroom ragout, parmesan tuile mushroom ~ shitake, oyster & woodear, potato ~ fluffy fritters, straw, mash, wedges, Pig Out (2 acts)maple glazed Belgian pork belly + pork chop, herb mustard crust & trio of mushrooms, corn cream, bacon gratin potatoes charred carrot, apple choriz chutney. To end ever fairytale story with sweetness try the delectable Various Moods of Lime & Berries – raspberry sorbet, lime gelato, berry pearls, strawberry coulis, berry air deceptive lemon cheese cake, cranberry crumble, popping candy, green lime dust, basil sponge, blackberry caviar & glass.

A reverie Shoot 1-8jpg.jpg

This really is a must try if you have never been to this amazing restaurant. A Reverie’s food is an expression of the evolution of the food on the table and the surrounding environment a never-ending epicurean story.

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