Everyone talks about the beaches and all the night life and dining experiences that Goa has to offer.  More often than Goa’s hidden treasure are overlooked but for those travelers who are truly out to seek adventure and discover a new side to Goa, here is our list.



A short boat ferry ride from Old Goa, this island has the perfect scenic villages, with paddy fields lacing the roadways that are very typical of Goan countryside. It is widely thought that the original inhabitants of this island were people who once lived on the mainland at old Goa but were driven to abandon it due to the disastrous plagues. The Island of Divar has a plethora of sites to see from Piedade, spread at the bottom of a small hillock.  Moving onto The Church of Our Lady of Compassion which sits on the top of the hill overlooking the horizon. The amazing panoramic views of the Mandovi river and Old Goa and surrounding country side make it the prefect spot to absorb the world. Why not stop by Fort Narve, located on the island opposite the old city of Goa in IIhas. This is said to have been originally been built by the Muslims but was abandoned in 1834 and now lies in ruins but is still one of the best places for sightseeing in Goa.  




A hidden land of adventure, filled with some stunning views, that’s Butterfly Beach for you! The beauty of the hidden beach has calmness and bliss attached to it. It’s a Semi-circle shaped landscape with thousands of butterflies flying over the hilltop. The warm blue water with clean and shallow sea bottom attracts with its beauty and here one will have amazing chance to watch breathtakingly, beautiful and the most magical sunsets one could only see in your life.

Butterfly beachPhoto Credit : Aqeeb Mula



The quaint architecture of the Jesus of Nazareth Chapel at Siridao has remained shrouded in obscurity, but a few are convinced the unusual dome-shaped structure holds a key to evidence of pre-Portuguese Christianity and a multicultural society in the area. Perched on the edge of a hillock with a panoramic view of Zuari bay, the centuries-old chapel appears to be an extension of a smaller dome-shaped original. A circular platform on the floor behind the altar and a few other features resemble the setup of a Jewish synagogue.




Portuguese claimed the Cabo de Rama Fort after defeating the Raja (King) of Soonda and renovated it subsequently. In the past, the fort has switched hands between Hindu, Muslim monarchs and the Portuguese and witnessed many battles in history. The present rickety structure with turrets and rusty cannons is a leftover of the Portuguese. The Portuguese equipped it with 21 guns and military barracks, as well as commandant quarters and a chapel. It was abandoned when the Portuguese left this place. Later, this fort housed a government prison till 1955 and was abandoned again. Today, this fort is in ruins, but is a popular tourist attraction of Goa.

IMG_20180429_172409_HDRPhoto Credit : Aqeeb Mula



This heart shaped lake is situated in Chicolna on route to Bogmalo. The body of water is just a few meters from the beach. The path goes weaves along the water making for a perfect spot to spend a few hours. The stunning view from the top of the cliff is also known rather morbidly as the suicide point where it boasts spectacular views of this tiny lagoon. For those love birds this may just be the perfect stop to watch the sun set of the Arabian seas.

Heart Shape Pic

Photo Credit : Aqeeb Mula



Happy Reading!

Gigi Martins.


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