All that sightseeing or just running home after a hard day’s work one can really build up an appetite.  Wondering were to get a quick bite then why not stop at the many famous roadside stalls or Gaddo’s in Goa.



This small stall in Mapusa, next to the highway serves some authentic Goan dish, such as Rus Omelette, Liver Chilly, Squids and much more.

We ordered Rus Omelette and Liver Chilly accompanied with Pao topped with onions. The service was speedy, so you don’t have to wait for too long to dig into these authentic flavours. Once you had your first bite it’s hard to keep a count of the number of Paos one can devour and dip into the curry. The taste is just divine and overtakes one completely. In the end when you ask for the cheque, one is so surprised that everything totals to less than Rs:100, So it’s a must visit place to please your hunger pangs.




Sandeep’s Wada Pav stall is located near Sree Gopal Ganpati Temple opposite to Shivaji Fort, Farmagudi, Ponda. Set up in the early 80s, Sandeep is famous across Ponda for the Mumbai-special Wada Pav. Crispy on the outside and soft hot wada inside, which melts the butter that has been applied to the Pao, mixed with flavours of spicy green mint chutney and tangy ketchup makes this Wada a ball above the rest. The fresh onion and coriander added to the Wada give this that extra punch of flavour. You surely don’t want to miss this one.

Sandeep wadapav



Known as the best and most famous Pav Bhaji in Panjim town. One is always mesmerized with the quantity of Pav Bhaji they make, it’s always delighting to eat here, service is quick and Pav Bhaji is just yummy. The seating is basically centered around 4-5 plastic tables on the pavement. The menu comprises of Pav Bhaji – Normal or in Butter or in Amul Butter and Pulao. The Amul Butter one is priciest at Rs100. per portion, so there is no stress on the purse strings. It is served with fresh onions and lasan (garlic) chutney and a  healthy dollop of butter. This is definitely that kind of Pav Bhaji that you crave for!

For Goa, this is an amazing discovery, it is one of those ubiquitous Pav Bhaji /pulao places that you see normally in every big cites. Abutting a large paved parking, this outlet is off the main Panjim Market road.

Bhaiyya's Pav Bhaji Panjim-Goa



A hop skip and a jump from the famous ‘Gunpowder’ in Assagaon, is this small stall sells all the Goan delicacies at a very cheap and pocket friendly rate. It is run by a pretty, young lady ‘Linda’ and her family. If you are passing through Assagaon and want to stop for a quick bite, then this is the perfect stall for you. The Pork Sorpotal and the Beef Chilly Fry is to die for, they start service by 6 and stay up open late till 11pm. But one has to be quick due to their popularity, they often run out by 9pm.  The Sorpotal is Linda’s family recipe and with has a perfect balance of sour and meaty goodness, served with a side of freshly baked Pao. The Beef Chilly Fry is served inside local Goan bread. The smokiness of this dish is unusual as the most stalls in Goa don’t make this dish the traditional way. So, for the perfect touch of home in a bun this would is surly one of the best Gaddos in Goa.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-17 at 7.15.25 PM



Despite being a chain and known for their sweets and much more the little Pani Puri stall just outside is run by a lovely guy form Bihar.  Unlike most places this still stall servers their Pani Puri with seasoned potato mix rather than channa. When traveling around any state one is always a little suspicious about eating at these roadside stalls but this one is exceptionally clean and makes all their Pani mix from distilled water and they were gloves to serve you.   The authentically north Indian in flavour make this Pani Puri stall at cut above the rest.



Happy Reading!

Gigi Martin


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