Whether one is stepping out for lunch from the office or whether you are in holiday a Thali is something that appeals to everyone and is light on the pocket. The term “Thali” is commonly found in the Indian cuisine dictionary. India is known for “unity in diversity” and the same can be said for the Thali system in India. Thali culture in India is not new, rather it is age old and prevalent in every corner of Indian society, right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. Wherever you go you will find the Thali system. Every state calls its Thali in a unique way representing the name of the state, like Gujarati call it Gujrati Thali, Marathi call it Maharashtrian Thali etc. Here are some specialty in each one of them which help them stand apart from others and gives it its own exclusivity.

“Thali” basically contains variety of dishes in smaller quantities and comes in both veg and non-veg.



Goa being my home state, finding out good restaurants has never been a big deal! Especially the sea food ones! Well with that being said, Barcode Lounge and Grill in Porvorim, Penha de Franca is the first one that comes to my mind for a good upmarket fish Thali. As always, I ordered Kingfish Thali where they never fail to surprise me. Even though the price of the Thali is Rs 350 which is slightly on the higher side but trust me it is totally worth it. And they also serve Serradura as a dessert that was finger licking good (yummiest of all the Serradura I had till date)

Location: House No. 821, Alto Porvorim, Bardez, North


Barcode Kingfish Thali



Thaal in a Thali? Yes, you heard it right! ‘Thaal’ located near Reis Magaos Fort, Goa is sure to serve you the perfect Bohra Thali that will tantalize your taste buds. This restaurant specializes in Bohra Cuisine and offers a wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for their main course. Of course, not to forget their specialty ‘The Huge Thaal’ which consists of 7-8 dishes that serves 6 -7 people at a time.  Well worth the different experience but book in advance for the Thaal.

Location: K15, Kegdevelim, Bardez, Near Reis Magos Fort Contact Number: 077220 98912


Non -Veg Thali (1)



When it comes to pure veg food in Goa the only place that comes to my mind is Navtara. With various outlets all over the state. They offer a wide variety of options in North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese cuisine. But, let’s talk about their Giant Veg Thali which is one of the best in town. Their Thali consists of more than 8 side dishes with roti and rice that’s finger licking good.

Locations: Panjim, Porvori, Margoa,Mapus

Facebook:  //

Navtara Veg Thali



Southi is a place which is not so Goan and it gives you authentic South Indian flavour. Thali is something I always look for and trust me they serve a pure authentic Goan thali in terms of the taste and quality. But here rather than ordering the traditional south Indian thali or the Goan one I ordered the Chicken Thali, Rs 260 inclusive of all tax and I must say it was totally worth-it considering the taste and the way they presented typically on a traditional Banana leaf.

Location: Zense Resort, opp. Novotel Shrems Hotel, Calangute Candolim Road, Candolim.




Located in the heart of Panjim city is this small restaurant opens only for lunch and serve exquisite Gujrati Thaali, with a seating capacity of max. 20 people. You would be really lucky to find a place to sit without waiting for at least 20 minutes. They charge a nominal amount of Rs. 200/- for an unlimited thaali. Mr Rashik Shah, the owner this restaurant for the past 25 years, the first 15 were spent in Ponda, and now has shifted it to Panjim. I have never imagined that veg food can be so delicious. The crunchy roti straight from the tawa with desi ghee applied on it, is a treat to have with the peeli daal and the sukha sabji. It is a pure veg restaurant and there is a sweet end to ever meal.

Location: 3/9, Navelkar Arcade, Dr Atmaram Borkar Rd, Ozari, Panaji

Happy Reading!

Gigi Martin

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