Goa is a state which is gifted with incredible natural beauty from her beaches and gently rolling hills to her vegetation and animal life. The mild temperature throughout the year and high rainfall tropical climate favours a variety of vegetation with great richness. As such, a variety of Spice Plantations exist around the interior of Goa’s beautiful rural landscape, so as to cultivate a large plethora of crops and spices.

Traditional Goan methods of organic farming are conducted in these plantations, such as coconuts, betel nuts, pineapples, different kinds of spices and much more. In fact, one can have a walk in the plantation with a local guide giving one a brief about the crops, roots and herbs grown. One can also make a few purchases of spice during the tour, after which, a typical Goan Hindu Cuisine served in mud pits and banana leaves is served.



This plantation is situated amidst lush green surroundings at Curti – Ponda, which happens to be extremely popular amongst tourists for its rich cultural heritage and magnificently designed places of worship. Spread over 130 acres of which 60 acres of this area being exclusively devoted to the cultivation of Spices, Fruits, Medicinal trees and Herbs, the Sahakari Spice Farm also has a restaurant, along with elephant rides and folk dances. The farm also serves as a nodal place for the farmers and students to carry out different experiments and research for which no fees are charged.

Sahakari Spice Farm



Located near the village of Savoi, Verem, 12 Kilometres north of Ponda, is one of the oldest (well 200 years) and largest tropical spice plantations in Goa situated right on the banks of the Mandovi River and is a treat to visit. Knowledgeable guides will walk you through the 40-hectare plantation. Local crafts are also for sale and there are a couple of cottages for overnight stays.  They serve authentic Goan lunches which are always a treat.

Sovai Plantation


Also located near Savoi Verem, Abyss is set amidst sky-kissing mountains with picturesque beautiful surroundings. They are known best for the hundreds of medicinal herbs on the property and is adhere to an organic farming basis.

 Abyss Spice Farm


Cradled in the foothills of the Western Ghats that run through Goa is Mangal near Velip and Dhangar tribe of Goa. In area rich in archaeological sites, ancient groves and fabulous bio-diversity. Mangal Farm encourages organic farming and boasts of its Cashew and Mango plantation, Floriculture, Spices and Herbs. Its mission to be one with nature and be inspired to preserve it. It is situated a midst lush green vegetation in the Western Ghats. The farm is scattered with exotic tropical flowers such a Ginger lily, Heliconia, Plumeria of various colour Buddhars Bamboo, Spice Trees and many other exotic plants. Farm covers an area that comprises of mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Streams. It lures people who are nature lovers, photographers, artists, writers, herbalists, healers and naturalists A great get away for those who wish to enjoy the solitude.

Mangal Plantation


The plantation Pascoal Spice Farm is located on 20 hectares on the banks of the river Khandepar. There are various activities available here such as fishing, boating and water biking on the river for the entertainment of tourists. This plantation, in addition to spicy plants and fruit trees you can see more than 500 species of orchids and other exotic flowers like pink and red banana.


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Gigi Martin


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