Antares has been carrying the baton of making dining in Goa a truly unique experience ever since its inception four years ago, with their highly skilled chefs, Sarah Todd, of Master Chef Australia and now joining the team as their executive chef is Kaustubh Haldipur. Chef Kaustubh who hails from Goan heritage but travelled the world and acquired his unique skills has brought his influence on this new menu by cooking delicious meals based on modern western recipes but enriching them with their innovative ideas and now in their fourth seasons, they have epically introduced Goan inspired dishes that are ever-evolving at Antares.

Sarah & Kaustabh




With its seaside location on Little Vagator beach, its minimal dining lounge of elegance, and spectacular sunset views, Antares presents to you the highest standards of gourmet delight and creative delicacy. It has grown to be the no. one go-to restaurant for all the intimate celebrations and get-togethers in Goa. Each experience is different and pleasing its own new way. Due to its constant and creative modifications to the menu and the ambience, one can vouch for the fact that this exemplary dining experience at Antares is initiated through the restaurant’s atmosphere, food quality and attentive service, without compromising on either of those aspects. Its cosy light decor that depicts a modern gourmet restaurant coupled with the simplicity of a beach shack has to be on your the checklist regardless of whether you are here for the bustling vibe of North Goa or the laid back & rejuvenating lifestyle of the south.





The pristine view of the deep blue Arabian Sea as you enter the restaurant gives you a preview of the glittery night that follows. If you ask, one would say that the sundowner at Antares with the soft ocean breeze is the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with laughter and gratitude. The latest experience at this restaurant has engraved one image in the mind that one longs for when one is tired of the monotonous routine of everyday work. The aesthetic palm tree views, calm ocean with beautiful music covers in the background and with all the right shades of the sunset while sipping Prosecco, need one say any more? This has set a high bar for other restaurants in Goa.

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Antares offering modern Australian cuisine with Asian influence concocted from a French base giving one a diversified and carefully, yet creatively curated menu. Subtle condiments paired with unconventional dishes is their prowess which leaves one craving for more.  Who knew that the combination of Barbecue Chicken and Pomegranate would make one write a 5-star review. The menu is an assortment of small and large plates which makes it highly convenient for the customers to choose. We loved the Croquettes with their simplistic presentation, the Pork Ribs, covered in a spiced, chipotle-tomato flavoured barbecue sauce but the favourite was the Lamb Bao. Our experience there was exceptional, not only because every dish that we enjoyed was flavourful and had a variety of options but also because the food has its own essence of simplicity as well – fresh ingredients, exotic flavours, and classic cooking. Additionally, the prices were extremely reasonable for an oceanfront restaurant.

Grilled Snapper




Moving onto the lavish Goan inspired meal we sat down to. The opening was by itself was a surprise, who would have thought one could ever get us eating Kale. The Kale and Cranberry Salad, with walnuts, kokum dressing, gruyere were just so delicate and summery in every way yet with that fresh tanginess. Moving on the second course we had Roasted Pumpkin with peanut coconut masala, with peanut chutney, fresh coriander, toasted peanuts, fresh coconut served on a soft tortilla, this brought back memories of grandmothers cooking in the south of India. Perfectly balances flavours with Sarah’s perfect modern touch. The Chicken Cafreal with pomegranate, roasted cashew nuts also served on soft tortilla envelopes you in Goa with every bite of tradition meets Antares. The Tortilla were perfectly soft and fluffy and the is no easy feat to achieve.  The third course was the showstopper with the Grilled Snapper with its orange beurre blanc, salt baked beetroot, rocket, couscous. Perfectly flaky fish that just melts in the mouth offset with the orange beurre balance could left one thinking if one should order a second portion, just divine!  The Stuffed Pointed Gourd with tomato cashew sauce and poi was interesting. At first bite one was a little unsure of the flavours but with every bite it grows on you. Maybe not for everyone but worth a try if you are ok with granulated gravy.  The fourth and final course by far had to be the favourite on the table. Layers of Chocolate Orange, chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge cake, orange chiboust, now how can you go wrong with all this chocolate. The different textures, stunning presentation as one eats with their eyes too, just made this the most delectable dessert ever! Sarah and Kaustubh really outdid themselves here, bravo!


The only thing better than Antares food is the Antares cocktail selection, with its amazing quantity. The Spicy Mango Martini, a mixture of vodka, mango and green chilly, an old favourite on the menu blew us away with its rare, yet appetising combination. When one visits, do remember to wash down your food with freshly mixed cocktails to attain gastronomical bliss! The second cocktail was the Plum Berry Martini. The taste of plum came to life in this refreshing cocktail. It was an easy mix of galangal, lemongrass and gin which is mellowed by cranberry juice and was a delightful blend sweet and sour.



We even asked for shisha towards the end, one of the smoothest, one has ever come across. One would again like to emphasise on the hospitable service of the staff. The manager, Mr Pankaj personally came to ask for feedback. Our hookah pot was the tallest in the restaurant and our satisfaction with the entire dining experience at Antares Restaurant and Beach Club, even taller.

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Antares, which literally means ‘a bright star’ has proven itself to be one of the finest dining places, staying true to its name by contributing to the list of emerging Michelin Star- standard restaurants in India. This restaurant is definitely the Antares of Goan cost and hospitality industry.


Happy Reading.

Gigi Martin.


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