The Waste Bar: Exchange recyclable waste on the beach for free beer

#TeraMeraBeach’s unique Waste Bar to pop-up at Baga Beach

~ The second pop-up waste bar will be held on 27th February at St Anthony’s Shack, Baga. Beachgoers can trade waste as currency against beverages and sundowners. The clean-up party will feature musicians using instruments created from waste ~

#TeraMeraBeach – a unique public awareness campaign led by Drishti Marine debuted in January this year, and made headlines for hosting a beach clean up drive with a heady twist by introducing a one-of-a-kind pop-up Waste Bar along Baga’s shores.

_MG_7035 (1).JPG

The second pop-up Waste bar is scheduled to be held on the 27th of February at St Anthony’s Shack, Baga – where you can lap up the most fascinating beach sundowner in Goa, contribute to our heartfelt cause of cleaning up Goa’s renowned beaches, and get tipsy while you’re at it. All you beach bums have to do is collect as much trash as you can – like plastic straws, cigarette butts and bottle caps, and swap them all for refreshing beers and your favorite beverages. In exchange for 20 cigarette butts or 10 bottle caps (aluminium or plastic) or 5 used plastic straws, one can avail a beer, a yummy cocktail or a pop of goti soda. The evening will be filled with art and music with the talented Carlos and Friends, who’ll be using musical instruments made out of waste to jam it up to keep your spirits high all evening.

_MG_6976 (1).JPG

The Waste Bar will pop up in several venues over the next few months between 4 pm and 6 pm. And the next is scheduled to be held on 13th March at Bottle Bay Beach Shack in Baga – do block your dates for its third edition too.

Through the #TeraMeraBeach campaign, Drishti aims to educate people, especially visitors on cleanliness and beach management along the coastal stretch to raise awareness on keeping Goa’s beaches clean. So do your bit, party up a storm, and let’s have a blast with this fabulous initiative!

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