The newest baby on the Baga creek is this hard-to-miss Portuguese style restaurant that comes from the guy behind big brands like Townhouse, Boulevard and Unplugged Courtyard. With its gorgeous boho ambience, combined with cute balconies with cascading flowers and delicious food it’s no surprise that Old Bombay has won ‘Goan foodies’ and holidaymakers’ hearts!

Opening its doors for the first time in February this year, Old Bombay has quickly become a popular dinner spot for tourists as well as Goans looking for a refreshing new restaurant to visit in the neighbourhood. Each level of this three-story establishment is done up to suit different moods – the ground level being a cafe, the middle, a moody eclectic restaurant and the top level is a swanky timely old bar – each with a menu of its own. The interiors of the restaurant have distressed floors, fairy lights and charming contemporary decor. The first floor is easily one of the most picturesque spots to dine at – brimming with colourful pretty blooms, a pretty rug with stools to match. Instagram worthy indeed!

Coming to the food, the vivid flavours, a mix of Sindhi, Punjabi and Pasi cuisine are recreated in a way that reinterprets age-old traditions while celebrating the new. At Old Bombay, they pride themselves on creating and inventing a gastronomic experience with a difference, cooked in a contemporary style. From classic dishes like Berry Pulao, Boti Chicken served with crispy roomali, Koliwada fish and chips and crispy okra, to sandwiches, wraps and pizza, there is something for everyone. The drinks, like Bombay Berry Club, Lemonese Mint and Goan Kick have been specially curated by celebrity mixologist Nolan Mascarenhas, and trust us when we say the flavours pack quite a big punch!


All in all, Old Bombay is a trip down memory lane of flavours that tantalise your taste buds with a modern touch.

Location: 5162, Baga Creek Road, Near Marinha Dourada Resort, Baga, Goa

Pin Drop: https://maps.app.goo.gl/2znr2XS2Yb2PQStRA

Call: +917219597414

Price for two: ₹ 1600


Happy Reading!

Gigi Martin



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