Contemporary yet Traditional!

Whisky takes up one of the largest markets segments in India but has very little to offer when it comes to a contemporary blend that can compete on an International level. Taking this into account, Fullarton Distilleries, based in Goa, who has been in the export market for the last few years recently launched ‘Woodburns’ – a Contemporary Indian Whisky. The first product from their Indian portfolio, Woodburns is poised to finally change the saturated market of whisky consumption in India, whose obsession with scotch dates back to the days of the Raj. Many other international and some domestic brands have forged their way through this landscape to carve out their niche markets. However, Woodburns is classified as a homegrown, easy on the pocket whisky that one can finally appreciate within this category, imbibed with the bold spirit of a 100% Indian blended whisky that offers exquisite complexity and finesse.


Fullarton Distilleries has come up with a bottle with a stunning contemporary aesthetic that appeals to all generations of whisky drinkers. Sporting an extremely distinct burn across the label gives Woodburns a feel of the traditional yet modern with clear distinctions to help it stand apart with its premium packaging and design at the same time.  With great care to detail, Fullarton has taken the element of design further by incorporating their very own unique stamp on the bottom of each bottle. The handwritten necktie also informs their consumers of their bottle and batch number which lends itself to having that personalised touch.


Rajiv Thadani, Director and Founder of Fullarton Distilleries spoke to us about the way this whisky is made. “Each of the aged barrels are charred beautifully to create that exquisite roundedness forging bold flavours that kindle your curiosity and ignite your senses.” The nose of the whisky has subtle smoke and dark chocolate notes with a distinct peat underlay. Each sip is rich and sweet on the palate that lingers giving the drinker that perfect finish.

Streets of Goa

Winning the silver medal in the ‘World Blended Whisky Category”, the brand competed against several reputed whisky. The competition involves over 1700 entries in various categories from 70 countries.

Aman Thadani, who led the product development right from the ideation, tells us “Woodburns is a labour of love that has been in the works for a few years now. India loves to drink whisky – but not it’s own. The market isn’t known for prioritizing finesse and complexity. A majority of our peers obsess over the word scotch, even using it interchangeably for a high-quality product. But countries like Japan have defied that logic and now make some of the finest whiskies in the world.


It’s impossible to ignore the potential of a good quality product coupled with good aesthetics. Woodburns represents an effort to put India on the map when it comes to 100% homegrown whisky.”

Sussegad Secret

Fullarton Distilleries having chosen to set up home in Goa, feel the state is one of the most fascinating markets in the world, with a mix of locals, international and domestic tourists, nightlife and party points while the weather and the location is perfect to introduce this unique whisky. Woodburns is a rich Indian malt whisky aged in handcrafted barrels crafted by some of the finest coopers in the country and their team behind the brand have now curated unique and classic and modern cocktails to capture the imagination of this market. The brand has also been conducting regular bar takeovers recently at popular venues, serving up some fantastic traditional Whisky Sours.  Also showcasing some of their signature cocktails curated by their in-house mixologist such as the Sussegad Secret, a comforting concoction of shitake mushroom infused whisky and lavender, and Patrao’s Pineapple Pepper, a pineapple-infused whisky cocktail which is built as an ideal daytime sipper drink. With further collaborations to follow in the monsoon with some of the most popular F&B outlets in Goa for exclusive barman special cocktail menus.

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