Pizzas and a whole lot more at Davide’s Pizzeria !

Tucked away in the bylanes of Sinquerim, Davide’s Pizzeria is run and managed by Davide Cananzi and his partner Alciela, an adorable caricature of whom will greet you right from the road. The ambience is equal parts welcoming and elegant, with dainty lightbulbs adorning the trees and bathing their surroundings in a soft, warm glow. The garden seating area which overlooks the main road is a beautiful space and a great hangout spot in the evenings. Music regales you on certain nights while the indoor seating area works well on hot days. This is also one of the few pet-friendly restaurants in Goa, so we give them major brownie points on that front! 

While Davide usually works his magic from behind the scenes, Alciela or better know as Al, is perfect as the charming hostess, always on the ready to greet guests and show them around. She’s also the driving force behind the toothsome cupcakes, rolls, cakes and other sweet offerings that make their way out of Davide’s kitchen. Keep an eye out for Alciela’s zanier creations such as the charmingly quaint zucchini cupcakes. 

Staying true to their Italian roots, coffee has its own place of honour at this pizzeria. With their own in-house coffee machine, the air is often rife with the scent of freshly ground coffee beans. An invigoratingly strong brew is a given at Davide’s, be it a simple Espresso or even a Caffé Freddo.

Davide, ever affable, will come by and happily tell you about the origins of Italian dishes, ingredients and even guide you on which dishes to try out. They have a variety of Italian dishes to choose from, a pleasant laid back vibe and a large kitchen flanked by a little kitchen garden. 

A lot of the veg used in the food at Davide’s is sourced from the garden and organically grown. The dishes are made from scratch, with a lot of the ingredients being imported from Italy to give you a truly authentic Italian experience. In addition to all of this, the prices are affordable and the quantities generous, promising you a real bang for your buck.

When we walked in, Davide was there to welcome us and take us around the place. They have a wonderful selection of starters, from which the meatballs, in particular, caught our eye. Davide is especially proud of the meatballs and with good reason; they were sublime. Crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy on the inside, these were little roundels of perfection. Each meatball was cooked differently; the Al Pesto was bathed in a rich yet light pesto sauce, while the Al Forno which was baked in a tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese was my favourite. 

Getting to the pizzas, for the main course we had Bella (with Mascarpone, cherry tomatoes, parmesan flakes, and truffle oil), 4 Stagioni (ham, mushroom, olives, artichokes and generous amounts of mozzarella) and Tonno e Cipolla (tuna and tomato topped with mozzarella). The base in all its double fermented and crispy glory deserves a special mention. The high quality of the imported meat coupled with the freshness of the veggies elevated the meal and we had a thoroughly memorable experience. 

The pasta at Davide’s is another subject on which we can wax eloquent. Made fresh on the premises on a daily basis, the pasta is a key offering you cannot afford to miss. Alle Vongole (clams, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, parsley) and the Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci (spinach and ricotta ravioli in butter sage sauce) in particular, have a special place in our heart.  

An Italian culinary experience without a sweet ending is woefully incomplete and as such, we had to have our fill of desserts. The Mamma Gianna’s Tiramisu comes highly recommended and is a highly protected recipe passed down from Davide’s mother to him. This coffee delicacy is a real kicker albeit without any cream. We also sampled the Banana and Coffee Cake which was just as delectable. We’d highly recommend both these desserts. 

A meal at Davide’s promises a trifecta of great food, ambience, and soft drinks (since they are waiting on their liquor license); what more can one want? This charming pizzeria has made quite a mark on Goa’s Italian food scene since it first threw its doors open five months ago. Davide and Alciela are constantly experimenting in a bid to bring something new to their patrons. Davide’s Pizzeria has our seal of approval and we see ourselves going back for an encore very soon. 

Tip: The Tiramisu here is an absolute gem of a dessert and deserves to be on your plate without fail. 

For Reservations – +91 9021936350

Address – Fort Aguada Rd, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa 403515
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Gigi Martin


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