5 New Restaurants in Goa You Must Visit This Season!

Goa’s culinary scene has always been at the top of its game and we now have a few more players to bolster the roster. In the past, we’ve waxed eloquent on every little eatery and hidey-hole that has caught our eye. Now, we’re back with a few more options for you to tempt your palate with. 

1) Titlie


A clifftop restaurant boasting off views as pretty as its name, Titlie is where you want to watch your next sunset from, quaffing down quirky cocktails with a delightfully local spin, reveling in the sea breeze while you do so. The cuisine could be classified as collaborative and most dishes on their menu reflect the meeting of the Indian and International cuisine. Their Porcini French Toast and Chimichurri Goat Boti are absolutely stellar. They also have some wonderful options for any North Indian cravings that you might have.

Location: Vagator 

Contact: +918731813255

2) The Burger House


Big, messy and juicy burgers with sides of delightfully novel cocktails and mocktails are enough to turn anybody’s day around and that is what The Burger House offers. On the mocktail front, the Tamarind Refresher, a concoction of pineapple juice, tamarind paste and lime sounds wonderfully bracing, while the TBH Mai Tai which is a cocktail offering also calls for a try. The undisputed stars of the show though, are their burgers. The Indian Lamb Shank Redemption Burger (red wine braised pulled minced lamb cooked in Indian spices with slices of Cheddar, onion, tomato, and mayo) and the Ultimate Bacon Burger (pork patty crusted with bacon, mayonnaise, and caramelized onions) will send you drooling. 

Location: Assagao 

Contact: +919871111711

3) Soul Chef 

Soul Chef

Tucked in the lanes of the all too charming Fountainhas, Soul Chef brings a flavourful flurry of North Eastern delicacies to your plate. The Choriz Steamed Momos, Pork Ribs in Black Sesame and the Shillong Street Styled Chicken Noodles blew us away and we’d definitely count them among the little cafes highlights. The Tiramisu and Salted Caramel Gelatos too, are a real treat, and the perfect note on which to end your meal. 

Location: Fountainhas, Panjim

Contact: +917719889666

4) Hideaway

Hide Away 3

This little cafe in Vagator that is part BnB, part performance space, and part cafe has steadily been making a name for itself. They’ve kept the menu simple, with sandwiches, pasta, and certain Goan preparations. The cocktails are where they’ve gone a little wild, with Urak cocktails in mango and vimto (a local berry) flavor. The BnB can accommodate up to two and comes with a kitchenette and an outdoor seating area. With prices starting at INR 1,500 a night, we think this is a great deal!

Location: Vagator

Contact: +919049097014

5) S.E.A


Set inside a restored Goan bungalow, the ambiance at S.E.A is perfectly picturesque. A blend of Southeast Asian and Indian coastal preparations form the menu at S.E.A. The Stir-Fried Lobster with Ginger and Black Mushrooms being as phenomenal as it is will leave every pescatarian reeling. The cocktails here are on another level altogether. With ingredients like Dragon Fruit, Sichuan and Wild Hibiscus featuring prominently in the drinks here, you can be sure they’re anything but ordinary. 

Location: Assagao

Contact: +919809102007

Happy Reading!

Gigi Martin.

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