Chef Cantando – Sun, Sand & Scrumptious Food

Chef Cantando is the chilled-out beach facing restaurant that’s got itself a sweet spot on Anjuna beach witnessing epic sundowners and lovingly made fusion food. The decor is subtly Mediterranean, with pristine white walls, recycled bottled lights, an open plan kitchen, and a tastefully designed bijou bar. But the main highlight is an intricately painted mural depicting all of Goa in its glory by Shreya Goswami.  And, on why it’s called Chef Cantando, it’s because chef Kenny often regales the guests with his renditions of Frank Sinatra. When I heard it was so close to the ever – so – popular Cafe Lilliput, a bit of scepticism crept it. Is it going to be another mainstream club/bar? The questions were put to rest when we stalked Chef Cantando on social media and saw how stunning it was. The photos, however, don’t quite do justice, and the cafe looked way prettier in person. Located on the beach, it’s the perfect place to take a walk, relax on a sunbed and watch the sun go down. 

Getting to the food, I love the pride they take in making every condiment from hummus to pesto to mayonnaise themselves. My favorite was chef Kenny’s signature Amuse Bouche (golgappas stuffed with avocado and shrimp), and The Jungli Potatoes (fried and slathered in aioli and topped with salsa). My other recommendations include their Signature Wings and Sizzling Rib Bits done to perfection! You have to try Chef Kenny’s signature dishes such as his Steak Classic (grilled beef steak served on garlic mash, layered with a peppercorn sauce that rivals that of any steakhouse in the state). For the Goans, classics like Xacuti, Recheado Calamari and Goan sausage Chilli Fry will make you feel at home. Chef Kenny is known to whip up some of the best continental food you’ve ever tasted especially his Bhuna Rice that you simply can’t put down; keep it in mind the next time you visit as it is not on the menu! 

To round up the visit, end with an authentic baked cheesecake. Chef Cantando, unlike most other beach properties, also has an extensive Brunch Menu for those who want to hang out on the beach all day. 


While I thoroughly enjoyed Chef Kenny’s jovial company, I realized that some more soundproofing from the shack music from the neighbors would be good. Besides that, we’re totally taking bae here for a dinner date. They’re open to taking bookings for private parties and in fact, have a special chef’s zone (think of it as a private-ish deck) from where you can get uninterrupted views of the sea. 


Location: House No. 734, S. No. 73/1, Village Anjuna, Taluka, Anjuna, Goa 

Call:  +91 9922711223

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