Titlie: A Sundowner Spot Like No Other!

Goa’s beaches have found themselves a devoted fan following the world over. In light of this, the trendy new culinary bar Titlie has scored itself a supremely sweet spot along the Vagator beach. 

Owners Tarun Sibal, Bipin Sibal, Karrtik Dhingra, and Shyaam Khurana had a vision that they have executed with elan; a beachfront restaurant that offers flavours that are a thoughtful blend of global and regional delicacies. 


Tarun tells us, “Titlie showcases the best of Indian International hospitality. It is a beachfront culinary bar where collaborative cuisine takes the center stage and celebrates the priceless luxury of life’s moment-to-moment pleasures. An imaginative blend of local and international recipes is brought alive by sublime seasonal produce, along with regional spirits and signature tinctures prepared in-house. Titlie, named after the butterfly, symbolises the sensorial memories of our daily, transformative journeys through life. Goa’s multifaceted spirit; the enigmatic expanse of the ocean inspiring relaxation and romance and the most unforgettable sunset views represent so much more than just the sum of all ingredients.”


The ambiance at Titlie is daintily done up and will leave you enchanted. The short walk under a leafy, green canopy leads you to the main dining area, a spacious space flooded with natural light during the daytime – great pictures are a given over here! The trademark mural of a butterfly on the wall is absolutely charming and a nod to the restaurant’s name. With the beach stretching on for miles on either side and an endless horizon in front of you, you’ll never want to leave! 

Once I’d had my fill of the view, I decided to get down to business; eating. The Chilled Pea and Tomato Gazpacho immediately caught my eye. This sublime blend of cashew cream, rich coconut milk, and tangy pickled fruit makes for the perfect start to your meal. As for starters, the Curry Leave Chicken Schnitzel is the way to go! This delightful preparation comes adorned with a rich, indulgent hoisin barbecue sauce and a green apple slaw for a citrusy punch. Charred Sourdough smothered with a zesty orange peel butter, creamy green mascarpone and a piquant guava chili jam is an undeniably innovative preparation and one that your palate will thank you for. The Sumac Zaatar Chicken Croquette, is an appetising Middle Easter preparation of hummus, creamy gremolata curd and tabbouleh. The vegetarians will be thrilled with the Paneer Picatt; a wonderfully tangy blend of vine tomatoes with a wholesome, indulgent bell pepper makhni. 


A beachfront restaurant without choice coastal offerings would be incomplete and Titlie has made sure to leave no stone unturned in giving their patrons a gastronomic experience bar none. The Fried Snapper with hot Asian sauce is a spicy offering that will play a symphony on your palate while the Goan Prawn Bisque with moringa rice is bursting with the fresh, fragrant flavours of the coast. I think the show stopper for me was the Aubergine Steak, fettuccini ratatouille with fresh tomatoes and the healthiest microgreens. My meal saw the perfect conclusion in the form of the Dark Chocolate Sorbet. Just the right amount of bittersweet, this dark temptation comes with a delicate baked orange puree, vanilla, and a silky cardamom almond cream. 


Needless to say, I devoured this tantalising fare with indecent excitement. The cocktails are an absolute godsend and it’s easy to see why Titlie is rapidly becoming everyone’s favourite sundowner spot, given that you have these intoxicating blends for company. The Cocktail De Ponas brings a wholly local flavour to your palate, being a concoction of coconut feni and papaya pulp with a sprinkling of salt and a dash of lime, blended well and served as a slushy. The Espresso Martini too, a thrilling mixture of vodka, double espresso, coffee liqueur and caramel cordial is all but certain to send you to cocktail heaven. 

I’d say Titlie does an admirable job of delivering on all fronts; the stunning sea views, a thoughtfully done up ambiance, a carefully curated menu bursting with the most delectable options and of course, quirky tipples that’ll leave you in raptures!

Location: Small vagator, Ozran, House no 592, 5, Anjuna, Goa

Reservations: 9899771020


Happy Reading,

Gigi Martin.


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